Did I Just Get Social Media “Script Raped”?

I spent some time chatting with my ISP yesterday about their services. I had a fairly simple question about available packages, and how I could increase my monthly data allowance (which I didn't know existed until last weekend - more on that later). Evidently their rules, and the systems and social media policies that are … Continue reading Did I Just Get Social Media “Script Raped”?

Top Take Aways from @BrianSolis Keynote – #2

2) "In an era of Digital Darwinism, no business is too big to fail or too small to succeed." Brian defines Digital Darwinism as "the evolution of consumer behavior when society & technology evolve faster than your ability to adapt".  Basically, consumers are adapting to new technology faster than ever before, and big businesses that … Continue reading Top Take Aways from @BrianSolis Keynote – #2