Gamification is Poised for a Podcast-like Resurgence

Gamification Origins Gamification is a stupid word. I think at this point just about all of us agree on that. Yet despite the words silliness, the definition is important: the process of applying game-based elements to non-game activities. We humans have been trying to gamify non-game situations (at least knowingly, at scale, in business, accordingContinue reading “Gamification is Poised for a Podcast-like Resurgence”

What Can Video Game Design Teach Marketers?

It’s more than the gamification buzz that’s been thrown around. I’m a total nerd. It took me a long time to realize how big of a nerd I really am though. In high school, I was friends with people that played sports (when I did not). Being friends with “jocks” clouded my self-assessment accuracy, andContinue reading “What Can Video Game Design Teach Marketers?”