We’ve got a lot to learn. Get started with Blinkist.

If you’re like me and feel like there’s too much to learn… to catch up on… to know in order to be an ally for the black community – then I’m going to recommend Blinkist. I’ve used it for years for business books, but I’m finding myself exploring other genres and domains lately. According toContinue reading “We’ve got a lot to learn. Get started with Blinkist.”

Week 7 – UXD Principles and Concepts

Our final week of Module 3: Visual Design and the final week of this course had us studying Aesthetics. We began the week with an overview of a variety of design principles like color, layers, transparency, textures, patterns, and contrast and how they are all defined and used in creating a cohesive, immersive, enjoyable design.Continue reading “Week 7 – UXD Principles and Concepts”

Week 6 – UXD Principles and Concepts

Week 6 has been focused on typography. I’ve never been as consciously uncertain about every text formatting decision I’ve made as I was this week. Starting to learn about how text should be used, while you’re still not an expert is fairly disconcerting. However, after this week’s assignment, I feel a bit more competent inContinue reading “Week 6 – UXD Principles and Concepts”