My 2018 Personal Balanced Scorecard

Every year, I take a different approach to resolutions. Since 2013 I’ve crafted a personal balanced scorecard to guide my personal behaviour, and, hopefully, improve it. Most of this is pretty personal to me, but I’m happy to talk with anyone about it if you have questions.

For the last few years, I’ve broken my scorecard into four categories; mind, body, spirit, and wallet. Not every item fits perfectly into a category, but I’ve done my best to organize them in a way that seems most logical.

Mind / Learn 

  • Read books for 30 minutes a Day
    • Goal: Read 24 Books in 2018
      • New
        • Great at Work (Jan)
        • Empower: What happens when students own their learning (Jan)
        • Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus (Jan)
        • Blood, Sweat and Pixels
        • Slaughterhouse Five
        • In Praise of Slowness
        • Die Empty
        • Superbetter
      • Reread
        • Octalysis
        • Nonsense
        • Ready Player One
        • In the Line of Fire
  • Use Duolingo for 1 Lesson Per Day
    • Goal: Learn basic Mandarin
  • Spend an hour a week training w/ After Effects
    • Goal: Fluency in core skills
      • Organization
      • Masks
      • Animation Curves
      • Kinetic Text
      • Motion Titles
      • 2D to 3D images
      • Screen Replacement
      • Double Exposure


  • Workout every day
    • Goal: Weight – 250, BMI – <35
      • Walk 30 min or 1 mile or Leg/Arm/Core Sets
      • Daily back stretches
  • Zero soda intake
    • Goal: reduced heartburn and sleeplessness
      • Focus on 1 gallon of water daily
  • Visit physicians for ailments
    • Goal: Improved mobility/health
      • Left knee
      • Spine T7-T10 area


  • Meditate for 15 min a day
    • Goal: Relaxation/Mindfulness
  • Engage thoughtfully about how weekly church scripture applies to my life
    • Goal: Build habit of bringing message home
  • Volunteer 1x per quarter
    • Goal: Support orgs/missions I care about
      • Focused on core focus areas of hunger, shelter, or equality
      • Possible: Iowa Homeless Youth Shelters via Nationwide Volunteer Match


  • Pay off smallest fed student loan – $3k
    • Goal: Reduce monthly bill obligations
  • Do all 100k maintenance to Venza – $1.2k
    • Goal: Preserve condition
  • Do all 50k maintenance xB – $500
    • Goal: Preserve condition
  • Contribute to kids 529 plan
    • Goal: Double existing balances

One thought on “My 2018 Personal Balanced Scorecard

  1. Update:

    Reading (2 per month) CHECK
    – Great at Work
    – Empower: What Happens When Students Own Their Learning
    – Blood, Sweat, and Pixels
    – BadMen
    – 1984
    – The Art of Social Media

    Duolingo – Haven’t had the time to invest in this. May have allocated more items than I had time for. May rotate out other learning for this later in the year. FAIL

    After Effects – Spent about 10 hours learning different things. Mostly motion graphs and bar charts for videos. CHECK

    Workout – Have managed some of this. Also have been doing PT for left knee, which has been inflamed an reduced mobility. Overall, weight is down about 10 lbs since the beginning of the year. HALF CHECK

    Zero Soda – Not perfect, but have had very little. Maybe at a movie, or mixed into a cocktail. CHECK Side note, hasn’t helped heartburn much, so going to have to cut out coffee next.

    Visit Doc – Have seen the doc for knee and back. Prescribed PT. She believes that I’ve torn my meniscus previously in my life, so strengthening will only help a little. Likely looking at MRI and possible operation. CHECK

    Meditate – Try to do this in the afternoon, but it’s hit or miss. Something I need to focus more on. FAIL

    Scripture – Have listed to each week’s sermon and reread verses to contemplate implications on me. CHECK

    Volunteer – 1st Q volunteered at Iowa Homeless Youth Shelters to prep and pack lunches. CHECK

    Debt – Made extra payments to CC and student loans. Slowed due to extra car maintenance. CHECK

    Venza – 2 new tires and brakes. $900 CHECK

    xB – 4 new tires. $650 CHECK

    529 – Later this year. N/A

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