Goings On

Hey friends! I was just taking inventory of some of the stuff I’ve been working on over the last few months, and decided to capture it all here, with links and stuff!

I’ve been all over the place, but I’ll try to give a little context as to what I’ve been spending time on, and how I ended up spending time there.

More Videos
First of all, as you probably know by now, I’ve been enamored by the vlogbrothers for the last few months, and in subscribing to and viewing many of their different channels, I felt like that was a model that I could copy. (I do not expect similar results.)

Historically, I’ve published all videos to my standard Seth M. Sparks profile channel, but I’ve now added two new channels for host the most common two types of videos I’ll be sharing…

1) vlogwithseth – A channel dedicated to my video blogs, mostly me talking about something going on in my life, whether it be work related or just something I found genuinely educational and wanted to share.

2) gamewithseth – A channel dedicated to me playing video games. Because I know you want to watch me play video games. Right now the only one of my systems that uploads to YouTube however is Wii, but as soon as PS4 enables this I’ll be using it more frequently. As an interim fix for sharing PS4 gaming (and a permanent solution for live game sharing), I’ve created a ustream channel too, under the username sethgames (which ill likely change to match the youtube channel too).

I usually go live with the Ustream channel around 9pm Central, and although I’ve not had viewers, I’d be willing to answer questions, let you pick the plays I run, or give my impression on a topic of your choosing. Just trying to find a way to make it interactive.

Marketing Side Project
Outside of playing around with video channels, I’ve also been making slow progress on my other site, http://www.marketrathbun.com. A page here, and blog post there. One of these days it will be completed enough that I’ll start sharing it for others to actually use. I’d love your thoughts on what I’ve built so far.

Hometown Festival Volunteering
In August/September I again helped out my old hometown with communicating the details around our town festival via Facebook. But this year, I decided to take it up a notch and secured http://www.moraviafallfestival.org as another outlet for sharing the details of the event. The content was fairly sparse this year, as the communications lines aren’t as tidy around digital as they are elsewhere, but next year should be cleaner. Give it a look.

A Novel Approach
I’ve also started to layout the storyline(s) for some type of book I think I might write. Not exactly sure what the opportunity is here, but once I have the plot figured out I’ll decide how I want to do it. Stay tuned on that.

And finally, in all of my geekdom, had still never watched Dr. Who. That was a terrible mistake. I’m working my way though the new seasons on Netflix, and am a few episodes into the eleventh doctor. I’ll say two things about this, 1) the show is really great and I hate that I’ve waited so long to watch, and 2) so many memes make sense now! I won’t go into thoughts about characters/plot/etc., because as Doctor Pond would say, “No spoilers!”

And that’s all folks. I haven’t been terrible busy, but I’ve managed to make progress on some things that really interest me. What about you? What have you all been working on?

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