Hi there!

You found me! I’m glad you did, because if you’re here then there’s a good chance that we have a mutual interest.

Feel free to get to know me a bit and then reach out so that I can get to know you.


Marketing, Experience Design & Games

My expertise is in the space where marketing, experience design, and games collide. I’m a 15 year veteran of end-to-end marketing, and recently decided to formalize my customer experience work with a Master’s in User Experience.

Marketing and experience have a unique overlap that also meshes with my love of games and their ability to motivate and satisfy humans. I’m uniquely positioned to consider how all three of these domains create engaging, long-lasting customer and employee relationships.


I have a soft spot for academia, and find the classroom the best place to motivate myself to learn quickly and produce high quality work. This is why I continue to return to university for learning opportunities on top of what I teach myself.

  • B.A. Business, Marketing | Central College, 2005
  • B.S. Master’s of Business Administration, Technology and Innovation | Iowa State University Ivy College of Business 2012
  • B.S Master’s of User Experience Design | Kent State University 2020

I’m also a voracious self-learner, having taught myself a variety of skills and tools via YouTube and on-demand platforms.

  • Adobe Premier, After Effects, InDesign, Photoshop
  • Gamification and Motivational Design
  • Basic HTML, Java, CSS